I designed Reflect, a short indie game, with my team at nwHacks 2022 with the concept of teaching players about mental health and mental health literacy. 
Concept art & Storyboarding
The concept of Reflect is based upon the mental health literacy pyramid. The idea of this pyramid is to help people learn terms that best describe the states of their mental health, and thus reduce stigma, and communicate more effectively the help they seek. 

Created by the Mental Health Literacy Association

I turned this pyramid into an interactive game, where the main character will explore each type of mental health state by interacting with other characters who are requiring varying levels of help with their mental health.
Environment Art
The atmosphere is moody, pensive, with the possibility of weather changes ahead. I took inspiration from the salt flats, which are a natural mirror into our world, to create the reflective environment. 
Gameplay mockup
In each stage of the game, our protagonist, Blob, needs to find a unique solution to help combat the impending rain on the secondary characters. As the game progresses, the rain gets stronger for the new characters. 

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

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